Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER), Puducherry

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JIPMER was established in 1823 during the French occupancy in Pondicherry. It was converted into Dhanvantri Medical College when the French left, and it was renamed JIPMER in 1964. JIPMER has been an autonomous body under the central government since 2008. JIPMER has three major roles to play – to impart quality medical education; to conduct high quality research and to offer patient care.

The preventive and social medicine (PSM) department of JIPMER is responsible for providing health care, teaching and research. The department provides comprehensive health care through the urban health centre in Kurchikuppam and rural health centre in Ramananthapuram which are the field practice areas of the department. These two health centres cater to a total population of 20,000. Besided regular services, the health centres run three special clinics; on Wednesdays there are chronic disease clinics, on Thursdays there are ante-natal clinics, and on Fridays there are clinics for children less than 5 years of age.

In order to provide quality health care to all members of the families residing in these areas, the department maintains ‘family folders’ in the health centres which keeps records of all types of illnesses for all family members. The family folders are updated every year. The purpose of these family folders is to better understand population size, population profile, and the types of illnesses in the community at any point in time. These family folders have been maintained since 1964 and are currently in the process of being digitized.

The department works on different research areas such as maternal morbidity, geriatric care, acute respiratory infections in children, acute diarrheal diseases, accidents, and non- communicable diseases. The department is keen to expand their field based research activities.

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