About The Project

Research Platform:

The India Research Site Landscape Analysis project was initiated to document the research environment, activities, challenges and achievements of public health demographic surveillance sites in India.These sites survey populations for a range of purposes, from epidemiological investigations, to more intervention oriented studies. The selected sites cover the full range of institutions, from government funded research organizations, to public-private partnerships (PPPs), to non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

By placing this information on a centralized and organized portal, we hope that public health researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and enthusiasts the world over will find this a means to forge collaborative links with field level activities being carried out in India. While we are aware that this list is not exhaustive, we hope that this effort contributes towards creating a macro picture of patterns and trends in the realm of public health field activities.

Each field site has its own page, complete with a short video, photos, and details on activities and organizational background.

  • This project was initiated in August 2011 and was completed within a year.
Team Membership: Read More
An expert committee was formed for this particular exercise which gave regular guidance to the team.
The expert committee members are:
  • Dr D Prabhakaran, Executive Director, Centre for Chronic Disease Control (CCDC), New Delhi
  • Prof Shah Ebrahim, Director, South Asia Network for Chronic Diseases (SANCD), New Delhi
  • Dr Narendra K Arora, Executive Director, The INCLEN Trust International, New Delhi
  • Dr Abhay Bang, Founder & Director, Society for Education, Action and Research in Community Health (SEARCH), Maharashtra
  • Dr Lalit Kant, Deputy Director, Immunization and Vaccines, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, New Delhi
  • Prof Prabhat Jha, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto. Director, Centre for Global Health Research (CGHR), Toronto, Canada
  • Dr Shams El Arifeen, Senior Scientist, Child Health Unit, Public Health Science Division, ICDDRB, Bangladesh
  • Dr Vishwajeet Kumar, Founder & CEO, Community Empowerment Lab, Uttar Pradesh
  • PHFI, with the help of its extensive partnership network and members of the expert committee, compiled a preliminary list of field sites.
  • Internet searches for public health field sites in India were conducted, encompassing online directories such as accredited colleges on the Medical Council of India (MCI’s) website and the Indian Council of Medical Research’s (ICMR’s) Directory of Indian health research institutions.
  • Engagement with national research organizations, such as ICMR, highlighted various means of gaining more information on active field sites.
  • The expert committee was consulted again with the updated site list.
  • Using selection criteria, the team highlighted 18 sites for documentation.
  • During our field visits, our partners in the field guided us to more sites that we’ve added to our master list, and in some cases, also visited.